Must Have Camping Essentials


We all like camping, but sometimes figuring out what to pack can be challenging. Packing can feel like a big chore, and it can be easy to forget something.


To help, here is a packing list for what to carry camping. If you are car camping, you’ll need a tent. I’ve got suggestions for backpacking and car camping tents that might help. 


If you are backpacking, you’ll still need some shelter from the elements. Whether it be a tarp, bivy sack, or even a hammock, you must have somewhere to sleep.

Sleeping Bag

If you’re car camping, you won’t need this. For backpacking, you must have one to keep you warm at night. It is a little less bulky but also more compressible and versatile. You’ll need a way to cook your food if you are camping. If backpacking, you’ll still need a stove. You will want to bring either the stove and fuel or a stove that can burn multiple fuels. Types of stoves for camping include: Learn more information about overnatting kristiansand.


This would also go undersupplies. I’m not going to go crazy in-depth here, but figure out what you like and make a list.


If you’re backpacking, bring lightweight food of high nutritional value (like energy bars, dehydrated meals, and instant meals). I


This could go to undersupplies or tools. Either way, you’ll need one to cut food and prepare it. If you’re backpacking and don’t want to carry one that large, take a pocket knife. For car camping, make sure whatever you use is strong enough for the job. Get more detail about camping sørlandet.


If car camping, more options open up to you. You’ll still want lightweight food, though. You’ll need this to set up camp in the dark. Nothing is worse than setting up a tent and finding that you can’t see anything. If backpacking, you’ll need a highly visible one and something durable.

Camera and Film

This is obvious for those of us who take pictures for our blogs. You will want to film animals, birds and other things you think are interesting.

Water Bottle

You'll need to carry water in a bottle or container while backpacking and car camping. Staying hydrated is essential while hiking or sitting around a campfire, so you'll need to have some carrying method for water. You should be able to find something cheap at most department stores.

First Aid

You never know what can happen on a camping trip. Here is a small but effective list of things you may need: iodine or alcohol for disinfecting cuts, band-aids and moleskin for blisters, antibiotic cream.

Fun Activity

This would all go under the gear section if you are car camping. If backpacking, take an even smaller version of this kit . Camping can be a fun activity, but it can also be stressful if you don't take the time to prepare.


Although this packing list might seem a little long, most of it is common sense. It takes some experience to figure out what you'll need for camping, especially for more extreme conditions, but the above list will help you get started.
Sleeping pad
If you are car camping, this will most likely go in the gear section. You'll need something soft to keep you warm at night and support your back if you sleep on a hard surface.